About Me

Fantastic hair.
Fantastic hair.

My name is Andrew Tracey, I’m 32 (soon to be 33, ugh) years old, and own and run Tracey Languages LLC, my language-learning company.  It currently consists of a book I’ve published and two blogs, one about learning Spanish and one about learning German (I speak fairly fluent Spanish, my German is nowhere near the same level, advanced beginner at best).  I am currently the only proper, full-time employee, though I occasionally contract work out.

I love languages and I love to travel in order to meet new people from different cultures and learn about them, and I generally see the first as a means to the second (meaning that I learn languages in order to be able to talk to people who speak them).  Consequently, I’ve wanted to start a blog about the cultures of other countries and peoples for a while now but didn’t feel like there was much of a point in it until I could start traveling myself.  Well, I finally did: I’ve been in Spain for two months now (I’m from Texas), and there has been plenty to write about.

Personally I find this subject fascinating and hope that you’ll enjoy my observations and add your own in the comments as well.  Please feel free to contact me.