I’m really impressed with the overall quality of meat here, and of the beef in particular.  I suspect it’s because factory farming hasn’t reached the level of sophistication it has in the U.S. and so they’re not cramming the animals in anywhere near as tightly and it also means a lot of smaller farms (mostly family-run I imagine) are able to stay open because the major corporations aren’t able to squeeze them out of business (or buy them out) just yet.  This is all just speculation, however.  What really matters here and now is: eat the meat if you come here (I’ve had great luck with even the really cheap street food).

Check out this shish-kebab-like arrangement I had for supper the other night, it contained seasoned and grilled chicken, beef, sausage (chorizo), green peppers, onions, and potatoes (buttered), and it was only 6000 pesos which is about $2US:

Great flavor, good texture, well-cooked (no, I did not get sick, never have from street food here), and very cheap.  Two or three of those and a beer and that’s supper.

When I was in Bogota I ate at an excellent restaurant called La Brasserie.  I had a cocktail, steak, glass of wine, dessert, and aperitif, and the whole thing only came out to about $50US (in the states it would be 2-5 times that much depending on where you are, more in New York City or L.A., less elsewhere).  The steak was excellent and the wine went very well with it.

Presentation in food is emphasized more here

They put more effort into making it look pretty (this is called “presentation”), is what I’m saying.  In the states this is usually only bothered with at fairly high-end establishments, here you see it everywhere but the least expensive places.  Here are a few good examples from a nice but informal and moderately priced restaurant near where I was staying in Bogota:

I was disappointed in the horse, I suspect it could’ve been a lot better but it was just absolutely killed (well done) and therefore dry and a bit rubbery.  Overall their food is pretty good, though.

That’s all for today I think.  Leave a comment!