“Juepinchos” = “jueves” (Thursday) + “pinchos” (the small appetizer-sized bits of food that almost every bar here has).

Note: See my post here and scroll down to the bit on Méli Mélo to see what pinchos are.

It’s just a deal that the bars in the Magdalena district of Zaragoza have where a bunch of them will offer a caña (the smallest sized beer) and a pincho for two euros (a hair over two dollars U.S.) instead of their usual price (which would put the same combination higher, like maybe two and a half to three euros or something).

It’s only been around a few years (started with just a handful of bars around 2010 I’m told, more joined in over the years) but it’s immensely popular here, the streets and bars in particular will be just absolutely packed such that you can’t even get into them on Thursday nights from about 9:30 til midnight.

If you come here I highly recommend you experience it, the local way of doing it is to do one “juepincho” (a caña plus a pincho, 2) at a bar and then go to another one where you do the same, and then another one, then another one, etc. until you’re full and drunk.

And that’s a party.

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