Initial Observations about the El Pilar Festival

oktoberfestThis is no longer a religious festival, for the most part (partly, yes, but it’s a minority part), it’s simply this city’s annual shindig, their yearly party. It’s an excuse to take some time off, relax, drink, dance, hold concerts and fairs, and generally “estar de fiestas” (basically, “to party”).

Oh, and it’s a huge grab for tourist dollars (or euros, as it were, since most of the tourists are still Europeans, mostly Spanish actually, though not from Zaragoza, which I’ll get to later). The Spanish economy is heavily dependent on tourism, it’s the number one industry in Spain, and I have no idea how important El Pilar is for Zaragoza as far as income for local businesses and the city government, but my guess is: very.

That said I want it to be clear that none of the above is a criticism (I don’t blame them at all), it’s merely an observation.



  • Brian Lewis

    Err, what is the Festival El Pilar? Who was she? What is the religious part and what are some of the secular activities that occur. When is it held? OK, I know I can google it so you don’t really have to answer all these questions, but a little more info would have been nice.
    Sounds a bit like the Calgary Stampede. Back in Alberta you might think that Cowboy Culture was almost a religion. At least in the past but now one to which people still pay lip service. Although the Stampede is ostensibly organised around the rodeo, it too is an excuse to dance, drink and have fun for 10 days in July. Sound similar?